5 Benefits of a Backup Generator in Massachusetts

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5 Benefits of a Backup Generator in Massachusetts

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When a power outage strikes, you and your family will be left in the dark. However, if you own a generator, that may not be the case. A backup generator provides homeowners a quick and easy way to keep their power going when the power grid goes down. This can especially be useful in a place like New England, where heavy snow storms can take out the power for days on end. Larger models may be costly, but a backup generator in Massachusetts can save you even more in avoided damage and give you peace of mind.

Here are five reasons to consider buying a backup generator for your Massachusetts home:

Increased property value and lowered insurance rates

There’s always the possibility that you will move out of your home someday. If you sell your house, having a backup generator on the property will significantly improve its value. In addition, having a backup generator may result in a reduced insurance rate. Backup generators make the property safer by protecting electrical systems. Because of this, the insurance company may lower their rates if they feel you’re less ‘high-risk’.

Avoid hotel visits and potential looters

If you get a particularly nasty power outage, you may find yourself checking into a hotel simply to have electricity. As well as being inconvenient and costly, it makes your home vulnerable to looters who might use the outage to find homes to rob. By keeping the power available at home, you won’t have to leave your home, letting you avoid paying for a hotel room and discouraging looters through your presence.

Keep your sump pump operational

If you have a sump pump in your home, you likely know that it has a connection to the electrical grid. This means that it can only drain water if it has power. Should the power go out, your basement will be defenseless against flooding caused by storm conditions. Having a backup generator in your Massachusetts home will keep your sump pump powered no matter the weather.

Stay safe and comfortable

One of the most obvious advantage to having power during an outage is being able to enjoy the comforts of home. You don’t have to worry about the food in your fridge spoiling. Your electronics can still function (minus the Internet possibly, but it’s still something.) You can keep your home warm during a winter storm. There are too many examples to list!

Permanent installation

There are other kinds of generators that you can buy that are more portable and less costly. However, to use one, you have to set it up by going outside, and that might not be the best idea during a storm or other natural disaster. Backup generators are a one-time installation, and when it’s installed, it will automatically start working when the utility lines fail.

Why choose Papalia for my generator installation?

Papalia Home Services has almost 30 years of experience helping people around the Boston Metro West Area. As many homeowners in this area know, we can get some heavy blizzards during the winter. In addition, the summers here can bring torrential rainfall from the leftovers of hurricanes moving up from where they hit land. That’s why we seek to provide the best generator service we can! Our company offers free quotes on generator evaluations and personalized plans for their installation. After installation, the installer and salesperson will both test it and ensure that you’re comfortable with your new purchase. Keep your home’s electricity safe from severe weather and call Papalia Home Services today!

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Preparing Your Electricity for Summer


Preparing Your Electricity for Summer

  • Electrical

Every time you plug in your phone, turn on a light, or switch on your TV, you’re using your electricity. During the summer, your use increases. Fans and air conditioners that keep you cool can suck up their fair amount of electricity as well. Because you rely on electricity so heavily in your home, it’s important for you to make sure that your electrical features are working as well as they should be. Here are a few tips to keep your electricity working properly this summer.

Summer Electrical Safety Checklist

  • Check your outlets and switches. take a look at these from room to room in your home. Do you see any cracks, damages, or burnt spots? If so, they should be replaced. If any of them are noticeably loose, tighten them. Because they are connected to wires in your wall, repairs should be done by a professional.
  • Check your cords. Are there any exposed cords or wires in your home? Check for any cracks or frays. These signs of wear and tear can cause shocks or electrical fires in your home. If you have extension cords, try to only use them as needed.
  • Check your smoke and CO detectors. These are essential safety features that every home or business needs to have! For business, commercial, and residential properties, it’s a must. Battery operated models are available, but fire professionals recommend that you have hardwired ones installed. This way, when one alarm goes off, the rest will too.
  • Check your ceiling fans. These electrical features are often overlooked. most people don’t know that there’s a problem until they stop working altogether. You can test their power and clean the blades.
  • Check your AC. Your air conditioner should be ready to keep you cool all summer long. Before it gets really hot outside, make sure that it’s working properly. If it needs repairs, now is the time to do it!

Why Choose Papalia?

When you choose Papalia for your electrical needs, you get:

  • Experience With over 25 Years of Service, Papalia is ready to tackle any problem, big or small – we’ve seen it all!
  • Safety First – Our technicians are certified and licensed to do the job and do it well. This includes prioritizing people first and getting you equipped with the tools and service you need to make and keep you as safe as possible.
  • Punctual – We’ll show up when we say we will, and when it’s convenient for you. You won’t have to waste an entire day waiting on us.
  • 24/7 Service – Our staff is on-call around the clock, so don’t let your electrical emergency keep you from calling us, no matter the hour.
  • Residential and Commercial – If it’s your home or your business, we can handle the size of any job and supply the tools and equipment best suited to your needs.

Keep your electricity safe this summer – call Papalia to schedule your service today! 

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Ways to Conserve Electricity During the Brightest Time of the Year

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Ways to Conserve Electricity During the Brightest Time of the Year

  • Electrical

Conserving Electricity During The Holiday Season

Between holiday decorations, entertaining guests, and whatever else the holiday season throws your way, it’s likely you’re putting your homes electricity into over time! This can cause your electrical bill to spike. Fortunately, there are several ways you can conserve electricity during the brightest time of the year. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Put a timer on your holiday lights. It’s great to have your holiday lights on when you’re home, as well as at the beginning of the evening. However, you don’t see them when you’re not home or asleep—so why would you keep them on during those times? To make sure you don’t forget to turn them off, put them on a timer so they shut off automatically at the right time. 
  • Use LED holiday lights. LED holiday lights might require a slightly higher investment, but they have many benefits. They’re more energy-efficient and use between 80 and 90 percent less power than regular lights. They also last longer, and since they don’t get hot to the touch, they’re less of a fire hazard so they’re much safer.
  • Turn down the thermostat when you have a full house. Have you ever noticed how the indoor temperature rises when you have a lot of people in a room together? If you have a lot of guests over, just turn down the thermostat to below 65 degrees so the heating doesn’t come on. Note that while a lot of people open a window when it gets uncomfortably hot, the cold air is more likely to make your heating crank up. So, turn down the thermostat, and you’ll notice a difference in your energy bill. 
  • Use battery-powered decorations with rechargeable batteries. Not all holiday decorations need to be plugged into a power outlet. There are plenty of battery-powered decorations available that work just as well. To conserve power and respect the environment, use rechargeable batteries.
  • Turn down the thermostat when you’re cooking. Are you hosting some large dinners over the holidays? Then you’ll probably know that the heat from your stove and oven can drive up the indoor temperature considerably. That means you can turn down the thermostat in the kitchen and adjacent areas to save power.
  • Lower the thermostat setting for the upstairs area of your home. Heat rises. If you and your family are home all day with the heating on, then a lot of this heat will rise to the upper levels of your home and heat that area naturally. 

These easy tips can help you save over the holiday season! On behalf of the team at Papalia, happy holidays! 

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6 Electrical Upgrades for Your Massachusetts Home

electrical upgrades in Massachusetts

6 Electrical Upgrades for Your Massachusetts Home

  • Electrical

While they’re very important, many homeowners forget about getting electrical upgrades for their Massachusetts homes. As electrical fixtures and outlets get older, they become unable to keep up with the energy demands of the average homeowner. Also, these older fixtures are more prone to damage and causing electrical hazards. By replacing these old fixtures, you can improve your home’s safety and energy efficiency.

Here are six electrical upgrades for your Massachusetts home that we consider must-haves:


GFCI outlets

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets have circuit breakers built into their design. If they detect an irregular current, the outlet will shut off the power supply within 20-30 milliseconds, minimizing the damage the user takes from the electricity. GFCI outlets should be installed wherever water and electricity are likely to mix, like bathrooms and kitchens.


Outdoor safety lighting

Having good lighting outside your home is important for a couple of reasons. First, it’ll allow you to see what you’re doing at night and avoid falling and hurting yourself. Second, these lights, especially when connected to motion sensors, are great at deterring intruders who might be sneaking around your home.


Three-prong outlets

If you live in an older home, your home’s outlets may only have holes for two prongs. As well as not being able to use more modern appliances, these old outlets are serious safety hazards. The third prong, which goes in the “mouth” of three-prong outlets, has a grounding wire that protects against electrical shocks. Upgrading to three-prong outlets will ensure your electrical needs are met while keeping you safe.


Whole-home surge protection

Power surges can wear down your electronics and have you shelling out to replace them. With whole-home surge protection, you won’t have to worry about surges of any size hurting your home.


Kitchen and bathroom lighting

Your kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that need some of the best lighting work in your home. At Papalia, we offer lighting options for bathroom mirrors, dinner tables, showers, cabinets, and more. If your kitchen and bathroom lighting needs replacement, call Papalia to learn more about your options.


Electrical service panel upgrades

The electrical service panel is one of the most important parts of your home’s electrical system. When working well, it provides electricity to all of your home’s appliances. However, when it gets old, it’ll operate inconsistently and may become a fire hazard.


What makes Papalia my best choice for upgrading my electrical system?

At Papalia, we make it our mission to instill electrical utilities that will meet a wide range of electrical needs. Our team of specialists will be available to consult with you to determine what upgrades your home needs. From there, Papalia can install new lights and fixtures immediately. Here at Papalia, we are equipped to meet the needs of homes of all sizes and styles. With our help, you will enjoy greater efficiency in your home, meaning less dread when your next utility bill arrives. Call Papalia Home Services today to learn more about our electrical upgrade services!

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4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting by Papalia Home Services in Massachusetts

4 Benefits of Installing Outdoor Lighting

  • Electrical

Outdoor lighting is more than just a way to make your home look nice at night. It can increase the safety of your home and boost your curb appeal. Let Papalia Home Services give you four reasons why you should install or upgrade the outdoor lighting on your home this year.



One way to use outdoor lighting is to enhance your home’s appearance. When the lights turn on at night, they can help highlight the architectural features of your home and give it a good bit of appeal. If you own a commercial property, you can use multicolored outdoor lights to give a unique style and attract customer attention.



If your home has a patio, deck, or other outdoor space, having adequate outdoor lighting is essential. The evening and night are great times to relax outdoors and enjoy having company over. By installing lights outside, a family gathering or party won’t have to end just because the sun goes down. Get them up early before summer arrives!


Safety and security.

Did you know homes without outdoor lighting are popular burglary targets? This is because the darkness makes it easier to avoid being seen. Outdoor lights help deter potential burglars by lighting up your home and making it harder to hide. It will also make it easier for you to move around your yard at night and avoid accidental slips or falls. With outdoor lights, that means no more groping around in the darkness while outside your home.


Increased curb appeal.

No matter what kind of home you own, outdoor lighting can help accentuate the positives. Outdoor lights of any kind can also help boost your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers will appreciate the extra safety precautions and the ability to use outdoor space longer. If you put your trust in Papalia Home Service’s electricians, we can use lighting to show off your home’s best features.


Why trust Papalia with installing my outdoor lighting?


For over 25 years, Papalia Home Services has worked with homeowners all over the Boston Metro West Area. In fact, we can back up our years of experience with the Angie’s List Super Service Awards we’ve won. No matter the time, our employees are capable of bringing their award-winning service to your home. Call Papalia Home Services today and learn more about giving your home some outdoor lighting!

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5 Advantages of Owning a Standby Generator

Standby Generator by Papalia Home Services in Massachusetts

5 Advantages of Owning a Standby Generator

  • Electrical

Here in Acton, MA, we see plenty of harsh weather. It’s not uncommon for a winter snowstorm or summer thunderstorm to knock out your power. Imagine waking up to a dark house and no power. Without power, none of your electronics will work, including your heating system, air conditioning system, and refrigerator. This situation is especially dangerous for family members who rely on medical equipment. When the power goes out, you don’t want to wait for the electrical company to restore power. Invest in a standby generator today and be ready for whenever an outtage strikes.

Why You Need a Standby Generator This Year

  1. Comfort and safety during power outages. This is one of the obvious advantages of having a standby generator. When the power goes out, the standby generator automatically disconnects you from the grid and starts supplying its own power. This means your food won’t spoil, you can still enjoy some electronic entertainment, and you won’t have to worry about extreme temperatures.
  2. Protection from surges. A standby generator will ensure that your electrical systems are safe during power outages, burnouts, and spikes.  These disasters can cause damage to the circuits and may ruin some electronics and appliances. Your generator will automatically disconnect you from the grid when lines fail and reconnect safely when the power returns. 
  3. Increases your property’s value and decreases insurance rates. There’s always the possibility that you will move out of your home someday. If you sell your house, a standby generator on the property will significantly improve its value. In addition, having a standby generator may result in a reduced insurance rate. Standby generators make the property safer by protecting electrical systems. In conclusion, the insurance company may lower their rate if there’s less risk.
  4. Peace of mind. If you have children or other family members at home, you may be worried about their well-being if disaster strikes. You don’t want to think about how they’ll do if the power goes out in the middle of winter while you’re away. A standby generator will help provide your family with power during tough times and let you rest easy.
  5. Permanently installed. There are other kinds of generators that you can buy that are more portable. However, to use one, you have to set it up, and that might not be the best idea during a storm or other natural disaster. Standby generators are a one-time installation, and when it’s installed, it will automatically start working when the utility lines fail.

Why Choose Papalia Home Services for your generator installation?

Even when the worst weather strikes, your standby generator will be there ready to help. Here at Papalia Home Services, we put your family’s safety and comfort first. Our years of experience ensure that your installation and maintenance will be performed by a trusted professional. We’d be honored to provide you with the same peace of mind we have given to the countless customers that are already on board. 


If you want reliable power in any weather, call Papalia Home Services!

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