Get the LEAD Out. – October 2024 new thresholds for schools

Revisions to Lead and Copper Rule

• For the first time, the new Lead and Copper Rule requires that community water systems test for lead in drinking water in elementary schools and childcare facilities that they serve.

• Public water systems must collect sampling at 20% of elementary schools and 20% of childcare facilities per year as well as at secondary schools upon request for one testing cycle (five years) and collect sampling on request of all schools and childcare facilities thereafter.

• The rule establishes a new threshold of 10 ppb, that when exceeded, requires more and rapid implementation of corrosion control treatment to reduce lead in drinking water.

We can help get your facility ready to comply with these new regulations by installing a simple under sink water filtration system that is proven. The 3M™ Aqua Pure™ Full Flow Drinking Water System is the clear choice for cleaner, clearer drinking water.

Already have a system installed? Have us make sure it is working correctly!

Our water quality technician will come to your business and perform a water quality check in minutes. Using a specialized electronic device, the WaterLink Spintouch®, our technician swiftly and accurately tests digitally for multiple water contaminants.

To learn more about the Get the LEAD out Initiative and how Papalia plays a part, download this great informational postcard:

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Papalia Home Services is excited to be offering up to 10 FREE systems for private/independent schools and daycares in Massachusetts. You can nominate your school below and then get votes! See contest page for complete rules and regulations!

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