At Papalia Home Services, we specialize in addressing the unique and intricate water requirements of Massachusetts. Our team possesses the expertise to craft customized home treatment systems to ensure the quality of the water you rely on. Allow us to assist you in testing, treating, and maintaining your water supply.

An overview of our water testing and design solutions process:

Our water quality technician will come to your home or business and perform an in-home water quality check in minutes. Using a specialized electronic device, the WaterLink Spintouch®, our technician swiftly and accurately tests digitally for multiple water contaminants.

Elements in your water. How much is too much?

Treated Water (City/Municipal Water)

  • • Free Chlorine (FCL)
  • • Total Chlorine (TCL)
  • • Combined Chlorine (CCL)
  • • pH
  • • Alkalinity
  • • Total Hardness
  • • Total Iron
  • • Copper

Private (Well Water)

    • • pH
    • • Total Iron
    • • Ferrous Iron
    • • Ferric Iron
    • • Total Disolved Solids
    • • Hardness
    • • Nitrates
    • • Nitrites
    • • Copper

For Private Wells, or specific situations
additional testing at a MA DEP certified
laboratory may be recommended by your

Once the test information is gathered, our technician will analyze and recommend the best equipment and configuration for your home and lifestyle.

At Papalia Home Services, we are committed to ensuring the water in your home meets the highest quality standards as well as your personal standards. Contact us today for reliable water testing and tailored treatment solutions.


Want to learn more? Protect Your Family: A Guide to Water Quality Testing for Private Well


Premium Whole House Carbon Water Purification

Indulge in the epitome of luxury and safety with our whole house carbon water filtration system.Introducing the Atlas Filtri line of filters, our premium, Made in Italy solution designed toelevate your shower and bathing experiences to new heights. Immerse yourself in the assuranceof purified water throughout your entire home. With cutting-edge technology and Italiancraftsmanship, this system ensures the highest standard of water quality. Install the DP duo 20” filters for a premium whole house carbon water purification experience. Upgrade to DP Triple 20” filter system for the reliability of the carbon block PFAS filter system. NSF certified for PFAS filtration.

3M Under Sink Carbon Drinking Water Filter

Our under-sink carbon drinking water filter stands out as a robust, high-volume, and commercial-grade solution, offering unparalleled value. This top-tier filter can be easily connected within minutes to the cold water side of your existing main sink faucet. Enjoy the assurance of superior filtration and the convenience of pure, refreshing water right at your fingertips. Experience the best in both quality and affordability with our exceptional under-sink carbon drinking water filter.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

Our Atlas Oasis DP Trio RO system with re-mineralizer reverse osmosis filter systems are meticulously crafted to eliminate a wide range of contaminants. Experience water that is not only fresh-tasting but also pure as bottled water, all at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water for the year. Installation options include under-sink placement or in a basement utility room. Supplied to a dedicated faucet on the kitchen counter, or to water dispenser in the refrigerator. Upgrade your water quality with our advanced filtration technology.

Encore Reveal Water Softener & Encore Ion X5 Salt Free Filtration System

Experience the pinnacle of water treatment with our state-of-the-art hard water softening, filtration, or conditioning systems. Crafted to deliver crystal-clear and safe water throughout your home, our Encore Reveal water softener has three layer filtration provides incredible softening, chlorine, and bacteria protection. We also provide a salt free option with our Encore Ion X5 water conditioner with whole home 5 level filtration with Ion X core technology. Contact us for a complimentary in-home consultation, accompanied by on-site testing and a prompt Massachusetts Certified Lab Analysis. Each system is meticulously designed by our Certified Water Specialists, tailoring the solution to your unique test results. Elevate your water quality and enjoy the benefits of a custom-designed system for your home.

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Additional Protections to our Encore Systems

Add to your new Encore whole home water filter system with the Drop Connect smart head and hub. This is the mechanical head that controls the tank and monitors the usage of the water in the home. Through an app connected to the control hub and head you can see all water usage in the home, monitor for leaks and running water. The system will self-close the water main if it detects a leak or burst pipe. The filters can be controlled through the app and monitored complete. Adding a deep level of security to the home.

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