Boiler Repair

Boiler repairs need to be completed quickly and efficiently – especially during the cold, winter months. Papalia Plumbing & Heating offers 24 hour emergency boiler repair, so whenever your boiler needs a repair we are there to resolve the issue right away.

Common boiler problems

  1. Inefficient heating
  2. Check the water level
  3. Flush the water cut-off valve
  4. Leaks around the boiler
  5. Listen for water blockage

Boiler Repair Benefits

Neglecting a boiler in need of repair could cause severe and costly damage to the entire unit. If you suspect your boiler is not functioning properly, don’t hesitate to contact the heating experts at Papalia Plumbing & Heating.

  • Extended life of your boiler
  • Restored operation with better consistency and reliability
  • Peace of mind that your boiler will run at peak performance at all times
  • Increased energy efficiency to lower your bills

Papalia’s heating technicians will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. You can also expect the following:

  1. A detailed inspection of the machinery and with an explanation of the scope of the work so you are 100 percent informed and satisfied – no surprises!
  2. We ensure you avoid expensive fines by keeping your boiler in top shape so that it will always pass any required inspections
  3. If you decide you want to purchase one before having us install it, we stock all major brands including, hydronic, steam, gas, or oil.

Don’t wait, call us today for your boiler repair!