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There is a nearly endless array of smart thermostats available in all different shapes with all kinds of advanced features. Our knowledgeable techs keep up with the latest options and are always happy to explain, recommend and help you determine the right fit for your household and HVAC system. From learning capability and geofencing to maintenance alerts and humidity sensors, modern innovations enable remote access through an app on your smartphone, making it easy to maximize comfort and energy savings.

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Taking accessibility and convenience to a whole new level, the smart home combines the management of systems and appliances into a single hub. The wireless setup allows for easy integration of automated door locks, surveillance cameras, glass breakage sensors, and a variety of effective security measures. Future-proof and user-friendly, home automation simplifies and optimizes the performance of everything from lights and sound systems to starting up the coffee pot. Papalia Home Services represents thirty years of quality service and looks forward to assisting you in adding value and enjoyment to your home anywhere across Boxborough, Acton, Belmont, Marlborough, and the surrounding areas.

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