Choosing the Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

Outdoor Unit of an AC

Choosing the Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

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Spring has sprung, and summer will be here before you know it. As the temperature rises, it’s important for you to have access to cool comfort in your home. Every space has different cooling requirements. These can vary due to a number of factors, like the location and size of your home, as well as the number of family members who live in it. No matter what, there are a wide variety of model types to choose from that are designed to meet the specific needs of your home. Here are the most common types of air conditioners that are available to you

  • Central AC’s are the most common systems across the country because they can cool your whole home. Typically, these systems include a large compressor is situated outside that drives the cooling process. Indoor refrigerant coils then distribute air through your duct system.
  • Heat Pumps work in a similar way to central air, but they can be used year round for heating as well. Heat pumps can help to save you on your utility bills, but if you live in areas with extreme temperatures they can be less effective. 
  • Room AC’s are very common during the summer months for homes that don’t have central air. They are typically mounted on a wall, ceiling, or through a window. Compressors are attached to the outdoor part of the unit, and these models are best for cooling a single room or small space. The upfront cost of room air conditioners is fairly low, but constant use will reflect in your electricity bill. 
  • Evaporative coolers are very useful in dry areas, as they work by pulling fresh air through an evaporative system. This system uses damp pads for whole house circulation. While these models may not be ideal for certain areas, they are very efficient and cost-effective to run. Because they add moisture to the air, they aren’t suitable for areas with high humidity.
  • Ductless Mini-Split systems have grown increasingly popular in the past few years. These systems can be used for both heating and cooling and can be installed in one day. Mini-splits have two parts: an outdoor and an indoor component. A small hole in the wall connects the two, allowing it to pull air from the outdoors into your home. These systems are best for cooling specific ductless zones in your home, like an office or a master bedroom. They are energy efficient and can improve your air quality as well.

What to Consider Before Purchase

Before buying an air conditioner, you should do a little research. You may like what a specific model has to offer, but it may not be a good fit in your home. Here are things you should consider to help make your final decision:

  • Capacity: Evaluate the size of the area that you need to be cooled and then choose a model that can meet the size needs.
  • Energy efficiency: If your AC isn’t running efficiently, it can reflect in your utilities. 
  • Model: Each type of AC has different models with different capabilities, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time.
  • Air quality: Make sure that your new AC has a dehumidification factor. This increases cooling and comfort and is much better for your air supply that a system with ducts.
  • Installation and maintenance: Depending on the model, installation and maintenance can vary. It’s important to keep in mind that depending on the system, it may take longer or be more invasive in your home.
  • Cooling speed: Some models can cool a room much faster than others, so think about your needs.

Here at Papalia, we want to keep you cool and comfortable all spring and summer long. For help choosing the best AC for your home, call us today! 

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Generac Service and Sales

generator installation by papalia home services

Generac Service and Sales

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Papalia Home Services is Now Certified to SERVICE and SELL Generac!

Papalia Home Services - Certified Generac dealer and repairs

Public safety power shut-offs could leave you without power for days or even long. That means no lights, no refrigerator, no electronics that keep you comfortable and safe. A home standby generator installation from Generac will give you power when you need it most! Whether you need to buy a system or have your existing one services, Papalia Home Services can help.

Why You Need a Standby Generator This Year

  1. Comfort and safety during power outages. This is one of the obvious advantages of having a standby generator. When the power goes out, the standby generator automatically disconnects you from the grid and starts supplying its own power. This means your food won’t spoil, you can still enjoy some electronic entertainment, and you won’t have to worry about extreme temperatures.
  2. Protection from surges. A standby generator will ensure that your electrical systems are safe during power outages, burnouts, and spikes.  These disasters can cause damage to the circuits and may ruin some electronics and appliances. Your generator will automatically disconnect you from the grid when lines fail and reconnect safely when the power returns. 
  3. Increases your property’s value and decreases insurance rates. There’s always the possibility that you will move out of your home someday. If you sell your house, a standby generator on the property will significantly improve its value. In addition, having a standby generator may result in a reduced insurance rate. Standby generators make the property safer by protecting electrical systems. In conclusion, the insurance company may lower their rate if there’s less risk.
  4. Peace of mind. If you have children or other family members at home, you may be worried about their well-being if disaster strikes. You don’t want to think about how they’ll do if the power goes out in the middle of winter while you’re away. A standby generator will help provide your family with power during tough times and let you rest easy.
  5. Permanently installed. There are other kinds of generators that you can buy that are more portable. However, to use one, you have to set it up, and that might not be the best idea during a storm or other natural disaster. Standby generators are a one-time installation, and when it’s installed, it will automatically start working when the utility lines fail.

Why Choose Papalia Home Services for your generator installation?

Even when the worst weather strikes, your standby generator will be there ready to help. Here at Papalia Home Services, we put your family’s safety and comfort first. Our years of experience ensure that your installation and maintenance will be performed by a trusted professional. We’d be honored to provide you with the same peace of mind we have given to the countless customers that are already on board. 

Call us today to schedule your service!


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A Message To Our Customers

A Message To Our Customers

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We are open and servicing all essential and urgent plumbing, heating, electrical, and drain cleaning issues.

If you require our services at your home you will not need to get close or physically sign a receipt.  Our technicians have been trained to practice social distancing, avoid touching anything unneeded, and to fix the issue and leave as quickly as possible.

We take your health and safety, along with the health and safety of our team, extremely seriously. Your well-being is our top priority at Papalia Home Services. We understand the concern about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to being both responsive and responsible to our customers and staff.

We are following recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and are taking extra safety measures and precautions for all of our office employees and field technicians. These include:

  • Limiting our technicians to conduct service only to those homeowners not exhibiting symptoms.
  • Wearing face masks (if possible)
  • Routinely applying sanitizer.
  • Wiping surface areas in our work vehicles and tools after each visit.

For service please call or email us
and we will do our best.
978-897-1701 or  

We kindly ask that if you or a household member is sick or showing symptoms, please notify us when calling.

For additional information about COVID-19, visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at


James D. Papalia, President

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New Year, New Service Panel

Service panel upgrades by Papalia Home Services

New Year, New Service Panel

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Upgrade Your Service Panel

Signs You Need a Service Panel Upgrade in Acton, MA

It’s 2019! As you settle into the new year, it’s likely that you have heard people talking about their resolutions. Perhaps you’ve made resolutions of your own as well! If you’re a homeowner looking to make improvements around the house, it’s best to start with your electrical system. If you are living in an older home that hasn’t had electrical updates in decades, you may have noticed that your appliances aren’t running as smoothly as they should be. This is because the electrical service panel in your house is outdated and unable to keep up with the increased demand of 21st-century electronics. So, why not start 2019 with an electrical update? Here are a few signs that you need a service panel upgrade in Acton, MA?

You Live in an Old Home

Did you know that wiring problems are one of the leading causes of residential fires in the country? If your home’s wiring isn’t up to code, your home could be at risk. Older wiring may not meet code and wire insulation and other materials tend to deteriorate over the course of time. Some of these warning indicators of faulty wiring include:

  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Slight shock or tingling sensation when touching appliances
  • Constant burning smell
  • Sparking or discolored power outlets

If you notice any of these signs, it would be wise to contact Papalia.

You Frequently Use Extension Cords

Extension cords should only be used as a last resort, or during periods of brief use like for holiday decorations or party lighting. Other than being a tripping hazard, excessive extension cord use could lead to damaged outlets, sparks, or even fires.

You Still Have Fuses

If your home was built in the 1970s or before, it’s likely that you have a fuse based electrical system. Sure, fuses and circuit breakers do the same thing, but fuses are still outdated. Circuit breakers don’t melt, blow, or trip like fuses do. Upgrading is in your best interest – not only will it raise the value of your home, but some insurance companies won’t even cover homes with outdated electrical systems.

Installing New Large Appliances

If you are installing large appliances in your home, especially one that requires large amounts of energy, you should check your electrical panel and fuse box. The panel may not be able to handle the amount of power to keep these appliances running. These appliances include refrigerators, hot tubs, air conditioner, and other large devices.

Electrical panels provide fairly wide amounts of power amps, ranging from 100-400 amps. If your amps do not meet your electrical consumption needs, your circuit breakers will trip any time you try to turn on the hot tub or air conditioner.

You Are Upgrading Your Home or Other Appliances

If you are expanding your home, remodeling or installing new appliances, this might be the ideal time for upgrading your electrical panel. If you are installing any new appliances, you will need to upgrade your panel.

In any of these cases, it is ideal that your upgrade your system for safety purposes. Take this into consideration. About 51,000 house fires a year are caused by improper and malfunctioning electrical panels, so it would be wise to contact an electrician as soon as possible.

Why Choose Papalia Home Services?

Upgrading your home’s electrical service panel is not a DIY project. Since this is the hub of all the electrical activity in your home, professional assistance is necessary for efficient and safe installation. A poorly installed panel can end up being no improvement over your old system, or in a worst-case scenario, can pose a risk of electrical fire in your home, endangering you and those who reside in your home with you. The expert electricians at Papalia are trained, certified, and ready to safely upgrade your service panel today.

Start 2019 off with safety. Call Papalia Home Services today to schedule your service panel upgrade! 

By Dan Burrows

High-Capacity Dehumidifier from Papalia and Aprilaire

High-Capacity Dehumidifier from Papalia and Aprilaire

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Do you dread going down to your basement? Is your basement finished, but no one spends any time in there? If you answered yes to either of these questions, an Aprilaire High Capacity Dehumidifier may be the answer to your problems! Because these systems can be so helpful in maintaining maximum home comfort, we are offering spring installation specials to make installation easier for you. Turn your basement into a comfortable space by calling Papalia Plumbing today!

Benefits of High-Capacity Dehumidifiers

Here at Papalia, we offer top of the line dehumidification systems at an affordable price. Because we only offer the best equipment, we recommend Aprilaire. Excess moisture in your basement can cause a wide range of problems, making your basement an unpleasant area to spend time in. Aprilaire’s full line of high-capacity dehumidifiers can turn even the worst basement into a comfortable room in your home. After installation, you’ll have:

  • Reduced exposer to mold, mildew, and mites
  • Elimination of musty, smelly basement odors
  • Less chance of damage to the foundation

How Papalia Plumbing Can Help You

We want you to be able to use your basement with ease. To help you achieve this, we’re offering $200 off installation. This offer ends June 30th, so act soon! If you find yourself in need of repairs in your home, you get $30 off any service call. We’ll keep your home comfortable this spring and summer.

You can breathe easier and more comfortably with a high-capacity dehumidifier. Call Papalia for an Aprilaire installation today!

By Dan Burrows

Ways that a Whole Home Humidification can Benefit You

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Ways that a Whole Home Humidification can Benefit You

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Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

Both winter cold and summer heat can dry out your home. A humidifier works by bringing some of that lost moisture back into the air. A humidifier is not just beneficial because it helps your home feel more comfortable, it can also save you money. Here’s why you should have one.

  • It reduces the spread of airborne viruses. Adding a humidifier to your home may help to reduce the spread of most airborne viruses, ensuring a healthier season. Moisture can prevent the movement of germs as they combine with the moisture, becoming too heavy and drop.
  • You’ll sleep better. Removing the dryness in the air can also help the quality of your sleep. A humidifier can add enough moisture into the air to soothe the tissues at the back of your throat, making for more comfortable sleep and cutting down on any snoring.
  • No more dry skin. Dry air during the holiday season makes for chapped lips, bloodshot eyes, and miserable dry skin. Your body relies on a certain amount of water to feel good, meaning it’s hard to function well when you’re dehydrated. A humidifier helps to prevent your skin from drying out. It’s especially beneficial for people with eczema and psoriasis.
  • It’s easier to feel warm. A humidified room will feel warmer than a dry room because there’s enough moisture in the air; it takes longer for sweat to evaporate. Including a humidifier to your list of appliances may help cut down on costs, as it can reduce the use of your furnace.
  • It can help relieve allergy symptoms. Besides helping you sleep better at night, a humidifier may also help to relieve your allergy symptoms. Adding enough moisture in the air can help soothe your throat and nasal passages, preventing them from getting irritated which can result in coughing and sneezing.
  • Fewer chances of static electricity. Static electricity can be a painful nuisance, and it’s often worse during the dry winter season. A humidifier spares you the pain and frustration that comes from frequent static shocks. It can also prevent damage done to sensitive electronics and even potential fire hazards.
  • Your wood furnishings are protected. Dry air isn’t just damaging to your health and skin, but your wooden furniture as well. Over time, the dryness in the air can create cracks in your wooden furniture, loosen joints in the floor, and shift the size in your doors. A humidifier helps to preserve the integrity of your wooden furnishings, ensuring they stay well maintained.
  • Your household plants will be happy. Houseplants, which can filter out toxins in the air, are a nice addition to any home, but they will suffer in a dry environment. Keeping your home at a comfortable humidity with a humidifier not only keeps you comfortable and happy but your plants as well!

Staying comfortable and protecting your house and plumbing shouldn’t come at the cost of your health and comfort, and luckily they don’t have to. A humidifier ensures your home has a healthy amount of humidity, keeping germs and viruses at bay and your skin moisturized. If you’ve had enough of dealing with irritated allergies and itchy skin, then it’s time to add a humidifier to your home. Call Papalia Plumbing and Heating today!

By Dan Burrows