The PMC membership and services start at $168 per year

No home is the same but every home in this area has a heating system and many have some form of cooling. Our goal is to be the company you trust to efficiently perform your routine home maintenance on an annual or bi-annual basis. Routine planned maintenance keeps your systems running efficiently, safely and we can even, sometimes, prevent an unfortunately timed failure.

To determine how much your PMC will cost we will perform an audit to evaluate the heating and cooling equipment in your home and create a custom agreement. For example: Do you have systems that require the filter to be replaced two times a year or once a year? Does your system incorporate a humidifier that requires the water panel to be replaced yearly to avoid mold and bacteria? Do you have a water boiler with hydro air handlers? Two air handlers or three? Does your system have a condensate neutralizer that needs the lime replaced annually? What kind of air filter do you have: a 1ā€ pleated filter, 5ā€ media filter, electronic air cleaner, UV light or a combination of these?

The price for your maintenance will be calculated by our qualified technician using a menu system with reduced pricing. This will be a custom cost unique to your home. All the data and customized facts will be documented on the agreement which will enable us to efficiently perform the annual or bi-annual planned maintenance and will ensure that we bring what is needed when we arrive at your home to perform the maintenance.

If you are interested in being a part of the Planned Maintenance Club please contact Papalia Home Services, or simply ask your Papalia professional and we will arrange for the free audit. Your free audit can also be scheduled below.

Please use the button below to book your Planned Maintenance Club appointment. Members should select the ā€œPlanned Maintenance Club (members only)ā€ category to schedule their maintenance.

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