Electrical Service Questions You Need to Ask

Electrical service is always important and when it comes to your home you want to hire the best. High-quality work matters especially for your home. When the lights start to flicker or your outdated electrical system keeps giving you trouble, it is your responsibility to hire someone with electrical service experience. Your appliances matter and your home rely a lot on their performance. So, to find the right electrician, we’ve come up with some questions when it’s time for electrical service.

How is Papalia Home Services Going to Help?

Here at Papalia Home Services, we care about our customers. Our company has been around for over 25 years and that isn’t a coincidence. With our high-quality electrical services, we know what to look for based on all our experience. When it comes to electrical repairs, maintenance, or installations, we can help take care of your home’s problems with immediate assistance. If there’s a question, we can answer it, and with our well-trained and professional employees, you know that you’ll be receiving the best electrical service year-round!

1. How many years of experience do you have?

A classic question that has impact. Even though education will always mean something, an electrician with experience is a much-needed bonus. Electrical service is dependent on experience because an electrician with a lot of experience has been exposed to a lot of different problems. Experienced professionals will provide effective solutions and recognize the importance of customer service. By asking about their experience, you can determine if the electrician is suitable to handle your electrical service needs.

2. Are you licensed?

This question should always be asked regardless of the electrical service situation. You want to make sure that the contractor you’re hiring has a valid electrical contractor’s license. This will provide some insight, and tell you that they have had the necessary education and training to perform quality work. As a licensed professional, they’ll be held to a higher standard in electrical service.

3. Do you have insurance?

Along with a license, asking about insurance is also a key talking point for electrical service. The electrician should have bonding and insurance given the high liability of electrical service. If you decide to go with an unlicensed electrician (which is a bad idea), you run the risk of faulty work. Though insurance doesn’t necessarily guarantee non-faulty work, and uninsured “electrician” will be less likely to pay for any damage done from their electrical service.

4. Can you provide references?

If you want to continue to talk about experience, one way to understand an electrician’s performance is past work. Asking if they can provide references helps you confirm the quality of their electrical service. This will also help you determine the type of projects the electrician has done in the past, which will help you make an even better decision. This way you’ll decide whether he or she is the right electrician to perform electric service to your home.

5. Do you offer warranties or rebates?

This is a thoughtful question to that can turn out to be highly beneficial. Ask if the parts, labor, or both are under warranty in case something goes wrong after their work is done. If they do offer warranties or rebates, ask to what extend or how long that warranty is effective. An experienced and professional electrician will offer a warranty on their products and services based on their confidence and quality of electrical service work.

6. What are your service fees?

Following up on your warranties or rebates question, it’s wise to ask about service fees. Before you decide on an electrician, ask about any fees involved with the electrical service. No one likes surprises when it comes to money, so to avoid unanticipated costs, ask for detailed cost estimate.

7. Do you offer estimates on electrical service?

Piggy-backing off the last question, once you’ve decided who you are hiring for the electrical service, ask for an estimate. Any qualified electrician will provide a cost estimate before they begin their work. Make sure to ask what the estimate includes such as repairs or installations that might impact their work. Find out if things like this are covered and be prepared to make an informed decision once it’s time to choose your electrician!

Go into a situation with more confidence and ask the right electrical service questions – call Papalia Home Services today for all your home needs!

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