Water meters are used to measure how much water is flowing through a plumbing system at a given time. They are helpful in making sure your plumbing is working as expected and can detect water leaks before they cause damage to your home. There are three types of water meters: mechanical, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic. Each type will measure the velocity of water being passed through the pipes of a plumbing system.

Water Meters for Irrigation Systems, Swimming Pools & More

The master water meter measures water usage throughout an entire system and is not specific to any particular area of the home. This is helpful for confirming that a plumbing system is working properly overall, but won’t give you any insight into more specific plumbing areas in the home. This is why many people opt to have a second meter installed. With a second water meter, you can measure water for your irrigation system, swimming pool, and any water-related tasks you do around the house like washing your car or windows. These systems can also save you up to $1,000 per year on your sewer bill because they prove that less water is flowing from your home into the sewers.

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Papalia Home Services is a best-in-class local plumber with 34 years of experience with water meter installation. We are a Trane Comfort Specialist and ACCA member, which means we’ve put in the work to become the best technicians in the area to meet your plumbing needs. We’re available 7 days a week, whether you’re looking for water meter installation or plumbing repair. Give Papalia Home Services a call at 877-534-3343 for more information or to schedule an appointment in Boxborough, Acton, Belmont, Marlborough, and the surrounding areas today!

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