The Benefits of AC Zoning

If you’re looking to save more money and make your home AC system work more efficiently, then consider zoning. When you decide to utilize AC zoning, you can see maximum results with your home and throughout each room. Managing comfortable temperatures for your home should be very important. Without an efficiency HVAC strategy, you can see your expenses skyrocket, especially as the warmer season approaches. You could be wasting costly energy on areas that do not necessarily need cooling efforts. Did you know that your HVAC system can account for up to 40% of your monthly bills? Pretty dramatic considering its usage. Homeowners continue to waste money attempting to find the right temperature for your home, however, with zoning, you can control this and save more on the conditioned air.

Papalia and AC Zoning Services

At Papalia Plumbing and Heating, we know what it means to save more on a utility bill. That is why we believe it is so important to try zoning for your home, because you will not get more out of your HVAC system, but you can also expect to spend less. Our HVAC technicians are readily prepared to install ductless air conditioners and other AC systems, including services to clean ductwork. When you contact the experts here at Papalia, you can rest assured that your HVAC maintenance checks will get taken care of.

Where to Zone in Your Home

Clearly, there might be areas within your home that will need more attention for cooling compared to others. One strategy to understand this better is by knowing that heat rises. So, if your home is two-story, then the bottom level will always feel cooler compared to the upper part of the home. Also, the positioning of windows can also play a factor. Rooms, where big windows face east, will capture the morning rays first. This means that rooms that include these windows will warm up faster compared to other rooms that have windows facing north or south. With AC zoning, you have the chance to control where you want your conditioned air to go. By utilizing multiple thermostats as well, say for your ductless system, you can control them all through one main control panel where you can adjust on the fly. If your home includes ductwork that is connected to AC system, then you can also have complete control for that as well. You can decide whether or not to open or close vents depending on where you want to direct them.

AC Zoning with Ductwork

Since AC zoning, for the most part, includes ductwork, you will need to contact a reliable and professional HVAC company, like us at Papalia. This way, the technician will be able to install special vents in your existing ductwork instead of replacing the entire system. Also, this gives you the opportunity to figure out the size of each room and the number of vents you will need in order to efficiently use AC zoning. For the most part, four vents per zone work well.

AC Zoning with Thermostats

If you want to produce the most efficiency with AC zoning, then you will need to combine your system with a programmable digital thermostat. This will help you decide when you want cool air depending on the time of day. Thermostats will also give you the chance to set the zoning areas for your living spaces and decide how you want to program temperature in the early and late evening. You can choose to adjust bedroom temperatures so that when your family goes to sleep, you can have temperatures cooler. It’s just a matter of preference.

What AC Zoning Can Do

Now you are able to understand the benefits AC zoning presents, especially as warmer days approach. It is estimated that a properly used zoning system can save a homeowner up to 30% of their usual cooling or heating costs. That will definitely provide a major difference in your home utility bill, which will offset the costs of installing a new HVAC system too. When you maximize the efficiency of your home, you and your family can enjoy the cool temperature without having to worry about how much money you are going to spend on bills. One concept to consider when thinking about AC zoning is looking at it as if it were your plumbing. Imagine having only one faucet to use for your entire home, and expecting it to provide water all the time? Yet, what you know is that you have multiple faucets that you can use, quickly and efficiently whether you are in the bathroom or kitchen. It’s the same thing with AC zoning. Choosing which area of the room to cool rather than wasting precious energy on one system and hoping it will cool the entire house, especially unused rooms, is a tall task.  The same could be said for your electricity and expecting one lamp to light up your entire home.

Start improving your home’s efficiency and save more on your monthly bill with AC zoning – call Papalia Plumbing and Heating today for HVAC services!

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