3 Warning Signs You Need Sewer Repair in Acton, MA

Dealing with sewage problems can be a homeowner’s least favorite household task. While the system is vital to all you do in your home, dealing with the problems as they arise can be pretty gross. Putting it off, however, will not fix the problem, and will only compound the issues down the line. You may want to turn the other way when sewage problems arise, but eventually you’re going to have to face it. If you’re a new homeowner, you may not even realize the signs of some of these issues before it’s too late. Read below to see if your home requires sewer repair in Acton, MA.

  1. Nasty Backups: There isn’t much worse than a sewage backup, but the sad truth is it’s inevitable. While one or two over a few years may not be too terrible to deal with, frequent backups become an effective haunting of household annoyances. If your home is suffering from a massive, or frequent, sewage back-ups, then it’s time for professional sewer repair or replacement.
  1. It Stinks: Over time, if your sewer is backed up and not repaired, the dreaded standing water smell will appear. This is the nasty, foul odor associated with sewage backups, and can come drifting through your drains if your sewage system is in need of repair. Ignoring this issue won’t help, and will just guarantee your house will have a new sewer cologne. If it’s smelly, seek sewer repair immediately.
  1. Basement Flooding: Having a pool is cool, but having an unwanted pool in your basement is not. If your basement is suffering flooding which you know isn’t from the environment or location of your house, it’s likely to do with your sewer line. Professional repair or replacement will help alleviate this headache, and immediate repair is necessary to remove the water and protect the foundation of your home.

Sewage issues are a dog to deal with in your home, but it’s bound to happen and you’re going to have to face them. Luckily, you don’t have to face them alone. Next time an issue arises, call Papalia Plumbing for professional sewage repair in Acton, MA.

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