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With September half over and fall only a week away, it’s time to start thinking about winter. We all know that New England winters can be nasty, but we can stay indoors with the heat on. However, your AC, most notably the condenser outside, doesn’t have that luxury. That means you’ll have to shut it down and prepare it to face the winter storms. If you properly shut down your AC, you’ll be able to enjoy cool air next summer and avoid a hefty repair or replacement bill.

Here’s how to properly shut down your AC and protect it from the harsh winter:

Get in any last-minute repairs

Before you shut down your AC, you should ensure it doesn’t need any repairs before the winter hits. If it does need attention, be sure to give it what it needs. Letting a problem be throughout the winter will only result in it getting worse when it’s time to use the AC.

Turn off the condenser’s power

Your AC consists of more than your indoor unit, and simply turning it off isn’t enough to turn off the AC. You also have to shut off the AC unit’s condenser outside. Leaving the condenser on means that in the case of a warm spell, it will turn on and suck in some snow and ice. To turn it off, look on the side of the house or near the condenser under a flip-up lid for a power switch. Turn it off and it’ll shut off, but there’s more to be done. Also, don’t forget to turn the condenser’s power back on next time you want to use the AC.

Clean and inspect it the condenser

Since it’s an outdoor device, you should give your condenser some attention before finishing your work. First, brush away any debris, such as branches or leaves, near or on the condenser. Next, lightly hose down the outdoor shelf and check for damage or loose seals. If you notice any, let us know about the damage next time we’re helping you. Also, check the condenser’s filter and replace it if necessary.

Protect it from the elements

Finally, cover up the condenser with a waterproof cover and secure it with bungee ropes. You can buy a cover and ropes at most hardware stores, but a waterproof tarp will work instead of a cover if it’s big enough to cover the entire condenser.

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