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3 Common Types of Repair for Home Air Conditioning in Acton, MA

3 Common Types of Repair for Home Air Conditioning in Acton, MA

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Keeping your home cool and comfortable is usually as easy as turning on your air conditioner, but when your AC breaks down, you and your family are left sweating. If you’re not confident that your home air conditioning in Acton, MA will get you through the summer, you need a reputable HVAC service to bring your air conditioning unit back up to par. Home and business owners have been choosing Papalia Plumbing for the past 25 years, and they’re committed to delivering affordable, reliable service. Here are the three most common repair issues they handle on a daily basis.

Loose Wiring

If your AC system goes through phases when it sporadically won’t turn on or trips the circuit breaker, loose wiring may be to blame. Loose wiring interrupts the flow of electricity, and that kind of inconsistency is a possible fire hazard. Your air conditioner’s wiring may be bad because time has loosened the connection or because it was installed improperly. Either way, you’ll need a professional to rewire the unit correctly.

Fan Issues

Air conditioners have two fans: the blower fan and the condenser fan. The condenser fan prevents the system from overheating, and the blower pushes the cooled air into your ductwork. If either of them stops working, you’ll immediately notice a change in your air conditioner’s function. Common fan issues include problems with the belts, motor, and bent fan blades. If you can’t pinpoint the exact cause of the issue, let a technician from Papalia Plumbing take a look and diagnose the problem.

Leaking Refrigerant

Air conditioning refrigerant is a liquid cooling agent housed within the air conditioner’s coils. Without it, you air conditioner is useless. While refrigerant leaks are common in aging air conditioning units, even a small leak has potential to shut down your AC for good. Finding the leak is often the hardest part, but Papalia Plumbing has years of experience and knows exactly what to look for and how to fix it.

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping your home as cool as you need it to be, don’t wait for a small issue to turn into an expensive repair. Call Papalia Plumbing today to learn more about home air conditioning in Acton, MA. You’ll also find a full list of air conditioning services on their website.

By Dan Burrows

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