Furnace Tune-Up | 8 Mistakes To Avoid

A furnace tune-up will be one of the most important services you seek this winter. The worst thing that could happen this season is getting stuck without any heat during one of the coldest nights of the year. If you don’t feel confident in your heating system’s ability to withstand the winter weather, you should take action, both by calling a professional for help and doing a little maintenance work of your own. If you are doing DIY tune-up work on your heating system, you need to be careful. You’re not a licensed professional, making you more prone to damaging your heating system as opposed to helping it. Each year, there are plenty of homeowners who think they’ve got just as many skills like the pros, and wind up making their home heating worse than ever before. Improperly maintaining your furnace can lead to huge problems in the future including poor efficiency, shortened furnace lifespan, and higher spending on utility bills. You also risk having to spend more money on furnace replacement, which may cost you thousands of dollars. Before you encounter these problems, now is a better time than ever to familiarize yourself with the mistakes homeowners will make on their heating system. This way, you’ll have a better sense on what needs to be done to ensure your furnace continues to work to the best of its abilities.

Calling Papalia Plumbing & Heating for High-Quality Service

Fortunately, Papalia Plumbing & Heating will be here to help you stay on the right path in maintaining your heating system. We will provide you with a licensed, fully-trained heating technician that will be ready to assist with any problem. As far as we’re concerned, all it really takes is a heating technician with the licensing and years of experience will be able to provide insight into what makes your furnace work to the best of its abilities. Our team can answer any questions you may have on your heating system and will be able to give advice on how to take care of it properly. In addition, we can provide an annual furnace tune-up that will fix any lingering problems within the system, carefully inspecting your furnace down to the last detail. With our help, you can expect your furnace to enjoy greater efficiency and a longer lifespan so you can save money bills. You will also have a safer furnace, one that can deliver high-quality heat without putting your family’s well-being at risk due to safety hazards. In fact, your family will be more comfortable than ever and you can stay relaxed knowing their heating needs are met.

What Heating Mistakes Should You Avoid During A Furnace Tune-Up?

When you are doing maintenance work on your own time, please keep in mind these mistakes most commonly made during DIY heating maintenance and avoid them at all costs.

  1. Turning Up Your Thermostat Too High: Some homeowners will actually the best way to ensure better heating in their home is by turning up the thermostat to the highest degree. This could not be any more incorrect. Setting the thermostat too high will only result in poor system efficiency as it will put further strain on the system itself.
  2. Not Changing Filters: Changing your furnace filters should be a must for any heating maintenance. In fact, during the fall and winter, they should be changed once a month. If not, they will become clogged with dirt and debris, blocking air flow and forcing the furnace to work even harder.
  3. Not Replacing Old Systems: Even if you tune up your furnace perfectly, it may be all for naught if the furnace is too old to operate. Any furnace older than 15 years old will need to be replaced, or else you face a higher risk of frequent system breakdowns and increased spending on emergency heating repair.
  4. Buying the Most Cost-Efficient System: Some homeowners will think the easiest way to securing a long-lasting, energy-efficient heating system is going for the most cost-efficient model. The belief here is that this system will give them high-quality heat without any additional cost. However, cost-efficiency does not guarantee quality. That cheap furnace may not work properly.
  5. Not Clearing the Surrounding Area: Since furnaces are usually located in the basement, it’s probably surrounded by personal belongings. Depending on the flammability of the belongings themselves, you may find yourself in a situation where one small spark from the system may result in a huge fire. You should keep the surrounding area clear to avoid any emergency situation.
  6. Not Cleaning Furnace Components: If your furnace components go unclean, dust and other contaminants may build up on the system and damage its efficiency. You should take a shop vacuum and a soft cloth to the components to ensure every part of your furnace remains spotless.
  7. Not Adjusting the Thermostat: Keeping your thermostat at the same temperature every winter simply isn’t efficient, but that hasn’t stopped homeowners from doing so. When nobody will be home to enjoy heat, you should lower the temperature so you are not wasting heat on rooms currently not in use.
  8. Disregarding Signs of a Problem: Pay more attention to your furnace in regards to any warning signs of a problem. Be on the lookout for any signs like odd noises, unpleasant odors, and visual indicators of a problem like significant physical damage. The sooner you pick up on the signs, the sooner you can get them fixed.

Stay Warm During The Coldest Months Of The Year – Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up Today

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