Aprilaire High Capacity Dehumidifier

Do you dread going down to your basement? Is your basement finished, but no one spends any time in there? If you answered yes to either of these questions, an Aprilaire High Capacity Dehumidifier may be the answer to your problems! Because these systems can be so helpful in maintaining maximum home comfort, we are offering spring installation specials to make installation easier for you. Turn your basement into a comfortable space by calling Papalia Plumbing today!

Benefits of High-Capacity Dehumidifiers

Here at Papalia, we offer top of the line dehumidification systems at an affordable price. Because we only offer the best equipment, we recommend Aprilaire. Excess moisture in your basement can cause a wide range of problems, making your basement an unpleasant area to spend time in. Aprilaire’s full line of high-capacity dehumidifiers can turn even the worst basement into a comfortable room in your home. After installation, you’ll have:

  • Reduced exposer to mold, mildew, and mites
  • Elimination of musty, smelly basement odors
  • Less chance of damage to the foundation

How Papalia Plumbing Can Help You

We want you to be able to use your basement with ease. To help you achieve this, we’re offering $200 off installation. This offer ends June 30th, so act soon! If you find yourself in need of repairs in your home, you get $30 off any service call. We’ll keep your home comfortable this spring and summer.

You can breathe easier and more comfortably with a high-capacity dehumidifier. Call Papalia for an Aprilaire installation today!

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