Prepping Your Plumbing For The Cold Months Ahead

With the weather getting chillier, it’s likely that you’ve already dragged your winter clothes out of storage and piled a few extra blankets on your bed. You may be prepared for the cooler seasons, but is your home ready? Freezing temperatures can harm areas of your house if it’s not properly prepared, especially your plumbing.Read More

The Importance of Maintaining Your Sump Pump

Rain or snow, there’s one appliance that needs constant maintenance, and that’s your sump pump. Hidden in your basement, it’s easy to forget about the appliance that keeps your basement dry and flood free. A poorly maintained pump, however, could mean thousands of dollars in water damage. No homeowner wants to deal with a soggyRead More

What to Consider When Choosing Between a Gas and Electric Water Heater

The sad truth is that water heaters aren’t built to last forever. Most last 10-15 years at best, and if it’s time to get a new one, you might be wondering what type of water heater to get next. Finding the right water heater should take some careful consideration as you’ll want something that bestRead More

A Homeowners Guide to Kitchen and Bathroom Drains

As a responsible homeowner, you probably know that it’s equally crucial to keep those parts of your home that you can’t see in just as good a shape as the parts that are visible. One of those important parts that you can’t see is your plumbing system. If you don’t properly maintain it, all sortsRead More

Plumbing Leaks And The Problems They Can Cause

Leaks that are left to worsen can cause serious damages to your home! Whether they’re big or small, the damage can still be done. If you suspect that you have a plumbing leak in your home, it’s important that you call the plumbing experts at Papalia as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs andRead More

Ways to Cut Costs While Using Your Hot Water Heater

Think about how often you use hot water in your home. Every time you take a shower, scrub the dishes, or throw a load of laundry into the washer, you are using your hot water heater. Frequent use may be necessary, but it can potentially cause your water bill to skyrocket. Here are a fewRead More

Preparing Your Electricity for Summer

Chances are that you use electricity often in your home. Every time you plug in your phone, turn on a light, or switch on your TV, you’re using your electricity. During the summer, your use increases. Fans and air conditioners that keep you cool can suck up their fair amount of electricity as well. BecauseRead More

The Importance of Annual AC Tune-Ups

When the summer heat is blazing, it’s likely that you hang out indoors with your air conditioner on. Because you rely so heavily on your AC to keep you cool and comfortable, don’t you think that it deserves a little love and care? You should have your cooling system professionally inspected and tuned-up at leastRead More

How an Old or Inefficient AC Can Hurt Your Air Quality

As temperatures rise outdoors, it’s likely that you and your loved ones will spend an increased amount of time indoors to beat the heat. Before you turn on your AC to stay cool and comfortable this summer, you should make sure that its working properly. Your indoor air should always be clean and breathable. Sometimes,Read More

Signs You Need Professional AC Maintenance

As temperatures rise outdoors, you’ll be turning down the thermostat inside. The heat can be problematic if your AC is broken or working inefficiently. You need to be able to stay cool and comfortable all summer long, and the best way to do that is with a little TLC beforehand. Professional maintenance will keep yourRead More