5 Benefits of a Backup Generator in Massachusetts

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5 Benefits of a Backup Generator in Massachusetts

  • Electrical

When a power outage strikes, you and your family will be left in the dark. However, if you own a generator, that may not be the case. A backup generator provides homeowners a quick and easy way to keep their power going when the power grid goes down. This can especially be useful in a place like New England, where heavy snow storms can take out the power for days on end. Larger models may be costly, but a backup generator in Massachusetts can save you even more in avoided damage and give you peace of mind.

Here are five reasons to consider buying a backup generator for your Massachusetts home:

Increased property value and lowered insurance rates

There’s always the possibility that you will move out of your home someday. If you sell your house, having a backup generator on the property will significantly improve its value. In addition, having a backup generator may result in a reduced insurance rate. Backup generators make the property safer by protecting electrical systems. Because of this, the insurance company may lower their rates if they feel you’re less ‘high-risk’.

Avoid hotel visits and potential looters

If you get a particularly nasty power outage, you may find yourself checking into a hotel simply to have electricity. As well as being inconvenient and costly, it makes your home vulnerable to looters who might use the outage to find homes to rob. By keeping the power available at home, you won’t have to leave your home, letting you avoid paying for a hotel room and discouraging looters through your presence.

Keep your sump pump operational

If you have a sump pump in your home, you likely know that it has a connection to the electrical grid. This means that it can only drain water if it has power. Should the power go out, your basement will be defenseless against flooding caused by storm conditions. Having a backup generator in your Massachusetts home will keep your sump pump powered no matter the weather.

Stay safe and comfortable

One of the most obvious advantage to having power during an outage is being able to enjoy the comforts of home. You don’t have to worry about the food in your fridge spoiling. Your electronics can still function (minus the Internet possibly, but it’s still something.) You can keep your home warm during a winter storm. There are too many examples to list!

Permanent installation

There are other kinds of generators that you can buy that are more portable and less costly. However, to use one, you have to set it up by going outside, and that might not be the best idea during a storm or other natural disaster. Backup generators are a one-time installation, and when it’s installed, it will automatically start working when the utility lines fail.

Why choose Papalia for my generator installation?

Papalia Home Services has almost 30 years of experience helping people around the Boston Metro West Area. As many homeowners in this area know, we can get some heavy blizzards during the winter. In addition, the summers here can bring torrential rainfall from the leftovers of hurricanes moving up from where they hit land. That’s why we seek to provide the best generator service we can! Our company offers free quotes on generator evaluations and personalized plans for their installation. After installation, the installer and salesperson will both test it and ensure that you’re comfortable with your new purchase. Keep your home’s electricity safe from severe weather and call Papalia Home Services today!

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4 Advantages to Using a Sump Pump in Massachusetts

Get a Sump Pump in Massachusetts from Papalia

4 Advantages to Using a Sump Pump in Massachusetts

  • Plumbing

A sump pump is a kind of pump used to remove water build-up in basements and other crawlspaces by depositing it into a building’s wastewater system. They are useful for any home or building located somewhere with a high water table. Sump pumps require professional help to install but are simple to operate once it’s hooked up to your drainage system. If you’re looking to protect your basement, we can help you install a sump pump in Massachusetts.

Here are four of the benefits you can expect from installing one:

  1. Prevent flooding damage. While sump pumps are good at dealing with gradual water build-up, they really shine when dealing with large-scale flooding. If torrential rains cause your basement to flood, you could easily have over a foot of flooding. This could be disastrous if you store anything valuable in the basement. Fortunately, a working sump pump can prevent this problem.
  2. Reduced mold and mildew. If you have stagnant puddles of water and constant dampness in your basement, molds, and mildew are likely to grow there. Not only can this damage building materials and other goods, but it can also cause various health problems. Having a sump pump can keep your basement dry and avoid heavy mold and mildew growth.
  3. Increase property value. This may be an obvious advantage, but homeowners like it when their homes, current or future, are protected from damage. Consequently, installing a sump pump in your home can help maintain its value and keep the structure of the house from being compromised by water damage.
  4. Reduced fire risk. “Less fire” may sound like a strange benefit for owning something that keeps your basement dry. However, flooding is a big cause of electrical fires. The water that builds up in your basement can cause short circuits in any appliances you might have down there, like washing machines and heating systems. Even if the water doesn’t cause a fire, your appliances will be ruined. A sump pump can protect your appliances from water damage and electrical fires caused by said damage.

Why is Papalia the one to install a sump pump in Massachusetts?

Since 1990, Papalia Home Services has helped people in the Boston West Metro Area with their homes. This area of the States has a high water table and frequent issues with run-off, so it’s important to get flood protection. Here at Papalia, we can offer 24/7 service from trusted professionals who know all the latest technology. If you need to install a sump pump in Massachusetts, call on Papalia today and protect your home!

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5 Reasons to Consider Ceramic Kitchen Tile

ceramic kitchen tile in Massachusetts by Papalia

5 Reasons to Consider Ceramic Kitchen Tile

  • Handyman/Contracting

At Papalia Home Services, we offer more than the regular home service experience. We’ve recently taken it upon ourselves to offer a variety of handyman jobs for your home or business. One of the jobs we can perform is to remodel your kitchen by adding ceramic kitchen tile flooring. This millennia-old style of flooring is an attractive yet functional choice for any kitchen, and we can tell you why you should consider it for your next remodeling.

Here are five reasons to choose ceramic kitchen tile for your next remodeling:


Stain and water-resistant

If you opt to go with glazed tiles, you’ll have a flooring that’s highly resistant to stains and water. Glazed tiles have a hard protective top layer that protects against moisture and can be easily cleaned. This protective layer makes glazed tiles popular in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Keep in mind that you can also choose to get unglazed tiles, which require sealing to get that protection. Whatever tiling you choose, you’ll also need to get regular sealing to protect the grout from water and stains.


Numerous design options

A major advantage of tiles is that they can come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs. You’re certain to find a tiling look that perfectly matches your kitchen. Even the grout comes in a wide array of colors. Go with a color that matches the tiles for a streamlined look or use a black or white grout to help the tiles stand out.


Highly durable

In addition to stains and water, ceramic tiles are highly resistant to damage. Tiles are unlikely to crack due to heavy foot traffic or from having something heavy fall on them. If a single tile does become damaged, it’s fairly easy to replace it.



Because dirt and stains rest on top of tiling, it’s very easy to clean tile floors. All most messes require is a simple mopping to remove them if you use ceramic kitchen tile. In the event of tougher stains, heavy-duty cleansers can help you get them out.


Environmentally friendly

Ceramic tiles are made up of sand, glass, and clay, all of which are naturally-occurring materials. These tiles are also easy to reuse and recycle, meaning their usage has a small effect on the environment. Also, ceramic tiling can keep your home cool in the summer while insulating your home in the winter.


What makes Papalia a good choice for remodeling my kitchen?

Papalia Home Services has been serving homeowners and business owners in the Boston Metro West area for more than 26 years. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for excellence, and we continue to work hard to maintain that reputation every day. That’s why we invest in ongoing education for our people and the best parts the industry provides. As a result, we provide superior customer service from the moment you contact us until the moment we wave to you as we drive away. Call us today to learn more about our handyman services!

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6 Benefits of Getting Boiler Maintenance

boiler maintenance in Massachusetts by Papalia

6 Benefits of Getting Boiler Maintenance

  • Heating

With winter only a month away, we’ve been helping homeowners prepare for the cold. Over the past month or so, we’ve shut down AC units and fixed up furnaces. However, even boiler owners can benefit from our services! Like furnaces, boilers gather a lot of dust over the summer and can become unreliable. Getting boiler maintenance from our heating specialists is the best way to ensure you’ll stay comfortable this winter.

Here are six reasons to call us to get boiler maintenance before the Massachusetts storms hit:


Extend your boiler’s lifespan

Buying a boiler can cost a lot, so you’ll want it to last as long as possible. Getting your boiler maintenance from Papalia Home Services can let you get the most out of your boiler. On average, a well-kept boiler can last about ten to fifteen years.


Avoid carbon monoxide and explosions

Boilers produce heat, but they release carbon monoxide as a byproduct. That’s why boilers have exhaust pipes that safely vent the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, worn-down boilers can release carbon monoxide into your home, most often through a damaged exhaust pipe. Also, poorly-kept boilers are known to explode, so caring for yours is important!


Maintain your warranty’s validity

Like many warranties, boiler warranties have certain warranty stipulations owners have to follow. A common one for boilers is to give them periodic maintenance from a professional. Maintaining your warranty’s validity can help you save money if you need to pay for unexpected boiler repairs.


Decrease energy costs

Right behind HVAC systems, boilers have the second-highest annual energy usage in your home. Cutting back on that heavy usage by making your boiler more efficient can save you plenty of money. A well-maintained boiler can save you 10% on your energy bills.


Comply with local safety laws

Neglected boilers are dangerous, so you’ll often see local laws about caring for them. They’ll often require boiler owners like yourself to have a professional fix up your boiler every once in a while. It’s bad enough having a boiler in bad condition, but getting fines for it will only make things worse.


Better energy efficiency and reliability

Any appliance, boilers included, will wear down over time. Fortunately, regular maintenance can help keep your boiler in the best condition possible. Healthier boilers use less energy and avoid breaking down, both of which can cost you money.


Why call Papalia to ensure my heating works this winter?

Papalia Home Services has been serving homeowners and business owners in the Boston Metro West area for more than 26 years. We’ve worked hard to build a reputation for excellence, and we continue to work hard to maintain that reputation every day. That’s why we invest in ongoing education for our people and the best parts the industry provides. As a result, we provide superior customer service from the moment you contact us until the moment we wave to you as we drive away. Call us today to learn more about our boiler services!

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5 Problems Professional Drain Cleaning Solves

professional drain cleaning in Massachusetts by Papalia

5 Problems Professional Drain Cleaning Solves

  • Plumbing

No plumbing drain is safe from the inevitability of clogs. Most of the time, you can clear these clogs out with store-bought drain cleaners or homemade remedies. However, some heavy-duty clogs can take these fixes and still gunk up your drains. When you get this sort of problem, you have to call for professional plumbing help to assist with your drain cleaning. Let Papalia Home Services help you recognize when it’s time to call for the heavy artillery.

Here are five problems you won’t have to deal with if you get professional drain cleaning help:


Slow draining

One of the most obvious signs of a clogged drain is when it drains slowly. When washing up in the morning, does the water take its sweet time going down the drain? That’s a likely sign of a drain problem, and you might need to get professional help.


Sewage odors

Most clogs have a good bit of organic material in them. Over time, that stuff can start to rot and release some nasty smells. The smells can become even worse when it gets hot out. If your drains start smelling like a sewer, give us a call.


Drain back-ups

Drains that have been clogged for too long may spit up sewage that’s been stuck down there. You shouldn’t have to allow sewage in your home, so call us if this happens. In extreme cases, backed-up drains can completely prevent draining.


Lots of flies

Sewage smells tend to attract certain kinds of insects. Fruit flies, for instance, are attracted to sewage and can cause health problems if they go after the fruit in your kitchen. Meanwhile, drain flies (also known as filter or sewer flies) will make any place with sewage their breeding grounds. If there are more flies in your home than usual, ensure your drains are in good condition.


Weird noises from the pipes

Clogged drains can make all sorts of odd noises. When drain pipes get clogged, the blockage can make water go through small spaces or change course. These interruptions can cause the water to make strange bubbling or gurgling noises.


What makes Papalia my best choice for cleaning my home’s pipes?

When you choose us, you’re choosing a top-rated commercial and residential plumbing service. We’re proud to share that we’ve been awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award due to our professionalism, prices, quality, punctuality, and responsiveness! And every day, we work to improve our services even more!

That’s why all of our plumbers are highly trained and experienced, and why we only work with the best quality materials. We’re also fully insured, licensed and bonded, plus, we offer warranties on labor and parts, so you can rest assured you’re always getting a secure deal. Call Papalia today to learn more about our plumbing services!

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5 Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater in Massachusetts by Papalia

5 Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

  • Plumbing

If you’re getting a new water heater, you may want to consider other types instead of the basic tank models. One of the more common types is the tankless water heater. Instead of storing and heating water in a tank, they boil and heat water as it moves through the pipe into your home. The best kind of water heater depends on your living situation, but these models have some advantages over tank models.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting a tankless water heater:


Less bulky

The tank that comes with tank water heaters can take up a lot of space. Tankless water heaters don’t have this tank and consequentially take up about a third as much space. Also, they’re lighter and smaller than other models, some reaching only five pounds. They can also be mounted on a wall to save even more space.


Save money and the environment

On average, tankless models use about 10% less energy than the average tank model. In a four-person household, this can result in triple-digit savings over the water heater’s lifespan. There’s also the possibility of rebates for switching to a more energy-efficient solution.


Cleaner water

The interiors of water heater tanks can get pretty nasty. Hard water and sediment can leave behind lots of stains inside the tank. Also, sediment often builds up inside the tank, especially near the bottom around the heating element. Some of the other problems sediment causes include corroding the tank until it leaks or rust gets in the water, making loud noises, and making the water heater inefficient. Tankless water heaters don’t have to worry about having a tank that can get damaged or dirty.


Instant hot water

Tankless water heaters don’t store and heat water in a tank to use. Instead, they heat water as it goes to your faucet. Tank water heaters also heat water when you want it, but it takes a bit of time to heat the water, resulting in wasted water. Re-circling pumps can help you save the water, but now you’re wasting electricity and energy. An average tankless water heater can comfortably supply a full-sized three bedroom two bathroom home with water.


Longer lifespan; fewer breakdowns

On average, a tank water heater can last anywhere from eight to fifteen years. Many factors can cause this number to vary. Some of these include the installation quality, how often it gets maintenance, and the water’s quality. Tankless water heaters, under optimal conditions, can last for over twenty years. They can partially attribute their long lifespan to requiring less maintenance. This means you can save money on potential breakdowns. Also, manufacturers usually give longer-lasting warranties to tankless water heaters because they have longer lifespans.


Why call Papalia to service my plumbing?

When you choose Papalia Home Services for water heater repair and replacement services, you’re choosing a top-rated, family-owned company that’s been serving Boston’s Metro West for more than 26 years. We’re dedicated to keeping our customers happy by providing the very best water heater repair and replacement services for their homes or businesses. Call Papalia today to order your tankless water heater!

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