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5 Great Ways to Save Energy on Central Air Conditioning in Acton, MA

5 Great Ways to Save Energy on Central Air Conditioning in Acton, MA

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Hey, your central air conditioning in Acton, MA is necessary at this time of year. There’s no denying it. But if you’re not careful, you may have effective air conditioning that isn’t particularly energy efficient. You may find that high-level of cooling come at a high cost, leaving you paying off energy bills this season as opposed to actually enjoying the season.

At Papalia Plumbing, we want to see you get the most out of your central air conditioning in Acton, MA. That includes making sure you have cool air without the high costs on energy bills. We’re vigrx plus ingredients available to provide installation, repair, or replacement services to better your cooling efficiency. Actually, when it comes to keeping you comfortable, we’ll go to any length to ensure your satisfaction.

Central Air Conditioning in Acton, MA: How Can You Save Energy?

Avoid spending a summer having to pay energy bills and instead take the following actions to ensure you have highly-efficient cool air this season:

  1. During the peak hours of high temperatures, avoid any activities that would involve generating heat or humidity, like cooking with an oven or taking a shower. This will only force your air conditioning to work even harder, as its sensors will believe room temperature is hotter than it is in reality.
  2. When temperatures are not as high, open a window or turn on a ceiling fan instead of wasting more energy than necessary by turning on your air conditioning.
  3. Turn up your thermostat by 4 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not home. Even if it’s not a major temperature change, it can save you plenty of money on energy bills annually. Plus, there’s no need to cool your home if you won’t be there to enjoy it.
  4. Consider duct cleaning service. When air ducts are blocked by dirt and debris, air flow out of your air conditioning is blocked and the system will work even harder to produce cool air. In addition, dirty air ducts can also carry allergens that will distribute themselves throughout your home. Get duct cleaning to improve efficiency and your health.
  5. Run your air conditioning in conjunction with a ceiling fan. Not only will this result in greater air circulation, it will also lower energy costs by reducing the amount of cool air your air conditioning will need to produce.

Contact Papalia Plumbing today if you want to learn more on how you can save energy on central air conditioning in Acton, MA.

By Dan Burrows

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