Important Sewer Replacement Considerations That May Save You Money

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Important Sewer Replacement Considerations That May Save You Money

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Your sewer is by far one of the most important parts of any home. Even though you do not see it each and every day, the sewer system in your home keeps it running and can cause a great deal of damage if it is not properly cared for and properly replaced when necessary. Sewer problems are never convenient and it seems like they always happen at the worst times. That being said, there are some ways that you can make yourself aware as a homeowner of the specifics of repairing your sewer system for the fastest and easiest repairs possible or when you will need sewer replacement.

Pains and Issues to Deal With

When replacing any part of your sewer system, be it the largest pipe or the smallest washer, you should always take the time to consider the unique parts of your sewer system. Though most sewer systems are basically the same, each has pipes that have been laid differently, it may have parts or components that are not common, there may be specific needs that fit your system that are not part of other systems, and more. Since each sewer system is similar but inherently different, you should take the time to get to know your particular system and the repair that it needs.

Benefits of Knowing Your Options

Knowing what options you have on the table before you ever set out to get a repair can help save you time, money, and effort overall as you are going to be equipped with knowledge so that you can start to make a decision before the repairs begin. This means that you are not going to have to be a fish out of water so to speak when the repair company starts throwing out estimates and repairs at you. Full sewer replacement of your system is going to be a big undertaking and knowing what things to keep in mind before you start a full replacement can help you prepare for the seemingly huge mess that will follow. Though every sewer replacement starts out looking incredibly messy and scary, with a professional company the knowledge that you need to make educated decisions, it will all come together.

Considerations For Each Homeowner

Though sewer replacement is fairly common, there are considerations that will need to be made for each individual case. Since not all sewers are located in the same place or in the same area, knowing some of these specifics can help speed up the process and make things a bit smoother.

  • Local Plumbing Codes- each neighborhood, city, county and more are going to have codes that are specific to the area. This may include things like how deeply the pipe has to be buried, what material the pipe must be, where the pipe must be subverted to, etc.. Your repair company will likely know the necessary codes but it never hurts to look them up yourself.


  • State Codes- knowing your state codes can also help speed up the process and make you feel a bit better about it all. Some states have a specific pitch or angle that the pipes must be buried at to insure that the waste is moved away from the home and much more.


  • Where is Your House Trap?- with sewers you are going to know where your house trap is located. The trap is there to help catch anything that may be dropped down the pipes. If your trap is not under your basement floor you may not have added expense but if it is, you may need to budget for having the floor taken up.


  • Distance of the Sewer Line- the more pipe that gets laid and the more line that has to be replaced the more expensive the repair. Knowing this ahead of time can ready you for the potential bill.


  • Noting Obstructions- roots, rocks, concrete driveways, flower beds and more can all pose an issue for your replacement. They can also add time and money to the overall repair.


  • Type of Pipe- A good example of this principle is exchanging a pipe that it common for most systems but that may not fit perfectly for your system. Odds are the pipes under your home and yard were placed the way they were for a reason. Most engineers take the time to consider what part of the yard is safest, most efficient, and best for the location of your sewer pipes. This means that if the pipes are not put back in the exact position and with the same type of pipe you may end up with trouble.


  • Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro-  Often times homeowners are flabbergasted by estimates and may be deterred from using professional companies because of the potential for high bills. There is a simple rule of thumb to follow, the simplest of fixes you will likely be able to work out on your own. If you do not possess the necessary skill or knowledge to fix the issue off hand or with little research, you are likely in need of a professional company to prevent further damage to your sewer that will cost even more to fix.

If you’re in need of a sewer replacement or service, schedule & book with Papalia Home Services today!

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10 Warning Signs of Drain And Sewer Problems

drain and sewer problems

10 Warning Signs of Drain And Sewer Problems

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Although maintaining a fully functioning drain system is a vital element to the upkeep of any home, this luxury is often taken for granted. Indeed, the literal lifeblood of any home, although most people discount the vitality of maintaining a functioning drain system, its importance becomes evident just moments after it begins to malfunction. Rather than waiting until you are forced to endure mishaps such as leaking, frequent clogging, and more, the following is an overview of 10 warning signs that you have a drain and sewer problems.

1. Water Flooding in the Basement

One of the top tell-tale signs of a drainage problem is spotting standing water in your basement. Given that this is the lowest point of your home, it should come to no surprise that waters from things such as overflowing gutters or a fluctuating water table would convene here. 

2. Strange Gurgling Noises Coming from Drain

Your drain/ sewer system should be virtually noise-free. Although there are certainly some exceptions, for the most part, you should not be able to hear what’s going on in your drainage system. If you hear strange gurgling noises coming from your system, this is a sign of some sort of blockage that should be addressed immediately.

3. Foul Odor Coming from Fixture Drains

In addition to that, if you smell any unexplained, unpleasant odors coming from your drain system, this is also a sign of an issue. You should never be able to smell things such as raw sewage assuming your day-to-day activities. If you notice a foul smell that can be likened to that of raw sewage, you may want to contact a plumbing professional as soon as possible. 

4. Home Came with Older Drainage System

Moreover, as with all elements of the home, your drainage system is subject to regular wear and tear. Perhaps, more so than most other elements of your home, your drainage system is one of the most often used parts of your home. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that having a home with an older drainage system would be subject to occasional to frequent malfunctions. 

5. Unexplained Spike in Water Costs 

When your water bill suddenly has an unexplained increase, there may also be an indication of a drain issue. This is largely due to the fact that sewage system issues are related to things such as leaks and frequent clogs, each of which tends to waste an excess of water which causes an increase in your monthly fees.

6. Poor Water Quality

Has there been a deterioration in terms of your quality of water? This is a serious sign that you should have your drain system checked immediately. Having drain problems can wreak havoc on your entire water supply by introducing an array of toxic materials and other potentially harmful contaminants. If you notice you water supply appears to be cloudy in nature, that it has a foul odor or anything else you feel is a cause for concern, contact a plumbing professional and have your drain system checked immediately. 

7. Low Water Pressure

If you have noticed that the pressure coming from your sink, bath, or toilet, you should definitely have your system checked. Many systems succumb to things such as tree roots or even feminine hygiene products, among other things. Once your system is sufficiently clogged, you will need a professional to remove the obstruction and get your system back in working order. 

8. Multiple Clogged Fixtures 

Although every drain system is subject to an occasional clog, if you have multiple fixtures in your home all clogged at the same time this is a cause for concern. Given that sewage systems tend to get clogged in the most unreachable places, if your drains seem to be moving more slowly than usual, you may have a massive clog in an unseen area of your home.

9. Slow Drainage

Furthermore, even if your system isn’t actually clogged and is just moving more slowly than usual, this is also a warning sign. In addition to potentially being clogged, your system may just begin to become more sluggish as things cease to work as sufficiently as they once did. 

10. Frequent Overflowing of Toilet

Lastly, if your toilet overflows frequently, this can be a massive sign that you need to have your drain system replaced. Indeed, while a well-functioning drainage system does not typically have such issues, a drainage system with issues with having sporadic issues in regards to the random rising and falling of toilet water levels and more. 

Overall, if you do not pay close attention to the early warning signs of drain and sewer problems, you may end up paying dearly in the end. Not only will you be forced to endure hours, days, or even weeks without a properly functioning drainage system, but you will also put your home at risk for water damage, spikes in service fees and much more. 

If you’re home is suffering from drain and sewer problems, then its time to schedule service with Papalia today!

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9 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Fixing

Sewer line repair by Papalia Home Services in Massachusetts

9 Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Fixing

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Functional plumbing is one of the most important parts of every household. However, it is far more intricate than the pipes and drains underneath your property. If a single plumbing system isn’t working within your Massachusetts home, even one outside, it can spell major problems for you and your property. When left unchecked, a damaged sewer line can flood your basement, burst your pipes, or even cause sewage backups!  If you’re experiencing one of these nine signs,  it’s important that you call the plumbing experts at Papalia Home Services as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs and damages down the road.


1. Slow draining

If the water in your sink and other plumbing is taking its sweet time going down the drain, that might be a sign of a damaged sewer pipe. The problem might just be a clogged pipe, but if a drain cleaning doesn’t fix it, the clog is likely much deeper in the sewer line. Some of the things that can cause this include tree roots, cracks in the pipe, and flushed objects clogging the pipe.

2. High water bills

If you notice that your water bills are steadily rising and you haven’t changed your water usage much, you might have a sewer leak. Higher water bills are often a sign that there’s a leak draining your water somewhere. You can trust Papalia Home Services to find and seal up the cracks causing your heightened water bills

3. Bad smells

Functional sewer pipes are airtight, so if you’re noticing foul smells coming from your drains, your yard, or around the house, a pipe might be cracked. Papalia Home Services can fix or replace that damaged pipe and keep your property smelling fresh.

4. Pools of septic water

A major sign that you can watch for as a homeowner is finding water where it shouldn’t be. The biggest red flag would include pools of standing septic water in our around your property. This should immediately indicate that the sewer line has damage, and you should immediately call us.

5. Low water pressure

Your home’s plumbing is sensitive to changes in water pressure and it requires a meticulous balance to work properly. In the case that your sewer line experiences damage, your home’s water pressure will drop and your plumbing won’t work as effectively. Annual inspections will help lessen the risk of this. Book your appointment with an expert early on to avoid costly expenses later.

6. Gurgling pipes

It’s normal for your pipes to make a small amount of noise when water is running through them. However, loud gurgling noises may indicate that there is trapped air emanating from a crack in the plumbing.

7. Animals attracted to your yard

If one of your sewer pipes are experiencing damage, the septic water may create foul smells and in turn may attract unwanted guests. The last thing you want as a homeowner is for your property to become a breeding center for Rodents and insects.

8. Unusually green lawn

Is your lawn looking particularly green and lush this year? Don’t be so quick to praise the new grass seed. Sewage leaking from your pipes makes great fertilizer, but it’s a fertilizer you don’t want your garden exposed to.

9. Cracked foundation

The last symptom, but an especially worrisome one. If you leave your sewer line damage unchecked, it might cause structural damage to your home. Some of the more extreme symptoms include cracked foundation and even sinkholes. This is a rare symptom for anyone who is good at maintaining their plumbing, but you should call for a professional immediately if you notice your foundation is cracked.


Don’t wait until your home is flooded with sewage, call us now!


Damaged sewer lines are never good, especially if they cause damage to your plumbing and home. Fortunately, if you’re good about maintaining your home’s plumbing, you can reduce the chance of sewer line damage and catch it early if it does come up. If you believe the sewer line in your Massachusetts home may have damage, call one of the professionals at Papalia Home Services. Not only will we repair your sewer line, but we’ll also ensure your home remains sewage-free!

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