Signs You Need Professional AC Maintenance From Papalia

As temperatures rise outdoors, you’ll be turning down the thermostat inside. The heat can be problematic if your AC is broken or working inefficiently. You need to be able to stay cool and comfortable all summer long, and the best way to do that is with a little TLC beforehand. Professional maintenance will keep your equipment running efficiently while preventing major malfunctions in the future. If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your home, call Papalia today to schedule your professional tune-up.

Start-up Problems

This is an obvious sign that something is up with your air conditioning system. If you adjust the thermostat, your AC should reach the designated temperature with ease. It should power on to keep you and your family cool and safe during the warmer months. Your cooling system needs to be able to keep up with the rising temperatures outside, so it if doesn’t turn on at all or if it switches often, you should schedule a professional inspection.

Warm Air

An air conditioner should always be blowing cool air. If it’s blowing air that is warm or hot, then it’s clear that you have a problem. You may be low on refrigerant, in which case it can simply be refilled. If you have a leak, repairs can get a little trickier. A refrigerant leak may be harder to fix but should still be addressed immediately.

Poor Cooling

Your air conditioning system should be able to cool your entire home. Smaller models are meant to cool designated areas, but they should be able to do so with ease. If cooling isn’t consistent throughout, it’s a sign that your AC can’t handle cooling your entire house. A professional inspection will help to determine the cause of the problem.

Strange Noises

There’s no reason for your air conditioner to be making weird or loud sounds. If you start to hear any, call Papalia. It could mean that a piece has become detached in your system, or that foreign debris has found its way inside. It could also be a sign of a bigger problem such as motor failure. Depending on the extent of the repairs, you may want to invest in a new AC.

Spike in Utilities

If your electric bill suddenly skyrockets out of nowhere, it’s a major red flag that your cooling system is either broken or running inefficiently. In order to save on your utilities, you should have regular maintenance done by a professional.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

When it comes to preventing major malfunctions with your cooling system, routine maintenance is key. This is especially important in the summer when you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool, comfortable, and safe. Routine maintenance done by a Papalia professional will maximize the efficiency and working condition of your system while preventing problems down the road. When you choose Papalia for your cooling maintenance, you get:

  • Top-rated AC maintenance
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Licensed and background checked technicians
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Transparent pricing
  • Satisfaction guaranty
  • And much more!

Call us today for all of your air conditioning needs – we’re looking forward to it! 

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