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Ductless Systems and The Benefits

ductless systems for your home and its benefits

Ductless Systems and The Benefits

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Ductless air conditioning has evolved to become one of the most effective solutions to cooling your home. It is compact and energy efficient, with a design that gives flexible installation. Ductless systems can either cool a single room or zone without the use of air ducts. For older homes without ductwork or smaller homes where ductwork is hard to insert, ductless is a great solution. That is why Papalia has decided to explain how ductless air conditioning works and the benefits associated with it.

What does Papalia Know About Ductless Systems?

At Papalia Plumbing and Heating, we know how important it is to have a warm or cool home depending the season, and have the proper installation that is ready for it. Living in the northeast can be tough since we never know what kind of weather to expect. That is why we always push for ductless heating or air conditioning, due to its cost-effective and efficient services. We have the right people who can install these systems for you, with exceptional knowledge and understanding of what exactly works for your home. With well-trained professionals, ready to solve the toughest of problems, here at Papalia we care about our customers. High-quality service is our game and we never shy away from it, which is why you can trust us to get the job done right.

How Does Ductless Work?

Ductless systems consist of two components, an outdoor condenser unit, and an indoor air-handling unit. The indoor air handling units are usually located high up and mounted on a wall. Both types of units, however, are connected by thin copper refrigerant tubing, as well as electrical lines that run through your walls. Ductless systems work in a constant cycle. In terms of air conditioning systems, they work by using refrigerant cooling to transfer heat from indoors to outdoors. It takes the heat from inside your home and converts it to cool air, which comes back into the home through the air handling unit. A lot of ductless systems are reversible, meaning they can either provide cooling or heating depending on the season.

Where Can I Install a Ductless System?

What is great about ductless mini-split systems is the number of configurations. For additional heating capabilities, mini-splits can be reversed into a heat pump. A single zone unit can heat a single room or zone within your home, while multi-units can take care of different areas. The flexibility of these systems is impeccable. Outdoor condensers must be connected to indoor condenser units, however. Ceiling cassettes are extremely helpful in situations where space is limited. Fan coils are suited in the ceiling and generate air through the exposed grill. Wall units are another form of ductless that are highly efficient. This device allows temperature adjustments, allowing homeowners the option of either cooling a specific room or area within a home or heating it. This gives you the opportunity to have complete control over your system. Ductless is especially helpful when adding a new room in your home as well. A lot of the time, a home’s existing cooling/heating systems will not be comprehensive with other added rooms. That is why installing ductless systems can become such a benefit in creating a comfortable environment for your family.

The Benefits of Ductless Systems

There are so many benefits associated with ductless systems, whether they’re used for cooling or heating. One bonus from installing these systems is that ductless mini-split systems do not require ductwork. And when you decide to go away from ductwork, the efficiency of your home increases. No ductwork means you lose less than 5% cooling compared to regular ductwork where you might be losing up to 40%. That is based on traditional central cooling systems with ductwork. That is why ductless makes such a difference for your home and your utility bill. Some ductless models have the highest efficiency ratings versus any other type of air conditioning or heating system. And since ductless units are mounted high up on the wall and away from windows, they provide you with improved security and an unobstructed view. For those of you who use air conditioning units in your home, you understand the pains of installation and air conditioning and losing your window for an entire summer. And once the cold weather hits, the best part about some ductless models is that you can use them for heating, too. One last bonus when installing ductless systems; they’re practically silent. This is because the noisy compressor and condenser are located outside of your home.

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By Dan Burrows

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