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Ductless HVAC Systems In Acton, MA

Ductless HVAC Systems In Acton, MA

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Ductless HVAC systems are proven to be a great solution, whether it’s staying cool during scorching summer days or staying warm during frosty winters. Duct and ductless systems play a big role in keeping us comfortable in our homes and businesses.

Duct AC systems are bulky and the installation is labor intensive. Duct AC installations can be a major construction project. Every corner and seam on these ducts must be sealed in a strenuous process that involves layers of installation. Duct AC consists of an outside condenser unit and an indoor air handler that attaches to a series of vents, or ducts, that reach each room in the house. Because of all the diligent work and supplies needed to install a series of ducts, this type of HVAC is very costly.

Ductless HVAC systems, on the other hand, have many advantages. Ductless includes an outside condenser unit, just like duct AC, but the condenser sends refrigerant to a small wall-mounted “head” inside the room to be conditioned, instead of going to a central air handler that will next push the conditioned air through a maze of ducts. A ductless condenser can have up to 4 heads , each with a separate thermostat.

Duct AC systems can often make a room too cool, and then shut off until the room is too hot, resulting in slightly fluctuating temperatures. A house can feel toasty one moment, and then later feel chilly. Balancing the system can help this but is not always effective. A ductless system is sensitive to temperature changes in the room and will adjust its fan to ramp up or slow down for maximum comfort.

A ductless system can save thousands of dollars on installation cost that would have gone to installing duct work and it will save in fuel costs every day. The AC is very efficient and while in the heat pump mode it’s energy cost is 25%+ cheaper than oil. The ductless unit can warm the house, except for the very cold days, and save on fuel costs.

While the ductless system is not ideal for every application there are many times it is the most comfortable, less expensive, lowest operating cost, it saves space, has minimal construction, and gives the best control.

The ductless AC system is also ideal for remodeling. One may consider adding to his duct system to air condition new rooms. This may work effectively but most times the new room will be under heated and under cooled due to the old ducts being improperly sized with the new load. However, installing a ductless system is much simpler and less expensive. Even if one is not remodeling, he might have rooms that need the air conditioning. Adding to duct work can be a huge project and installing a new duct system can be costly. Think about a ductless system – it is often the best option.

Both types of systems can have heating as well. The duct AC system would usually have a furnace attached to it fueled by gas or oil. The ductless system is an efficient way to heat the space by using a heat pump. Heat pumps work effectively down to about 34ºF and lower with new technology, but a ductless system is an easy solution for rooms that aren’t being heated well enough; it avoids paying for a huge ducting project.

Both duct AC and ductless AC have its pros and cons. If you want to meet with a Home Comfort Advisor to get a consultation on the best application for your home or addition call Papalia Plumbing Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning.

By Dan Burrows

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