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Furnaces are often uncomplicated and relatively easy to keep up. The purpose of systematic maintenance is effective operation and efficiency so you save on heating costs.  Whatever kind of furnace that is heating the house, there are several steps to take to preserve the heating in prime operating condition.  At Papalia Plumbing we specialize in […]

A good sump pump, tied to a properly installed, working foundation drainage system is a homeowner’s first line of defense against basement flood. Below are the most common types of sump pump failure, and what you need to do to prevent them. 1 – Overwhelmed Sump Pump Sometimes a single sump pump just isn’t enough […]

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, you’ll find that your utility bills will increase, mostly because of heating costs. However, if you prepare your HVAC system in advance and maintain it properly, you can cut your electricity usage and add to the life of your HVAC system. Evaluate your HVAC Unit Many HVAC systems can last […]

No Duct Work, No Problem! The future is here! With that said, heating and cooling has made great strides in advancement. A great example of this is ductless heating and air conditioning systems. There are many benefits to having a ductless system installed such as; Installation itself becomes a breeze With a conventional air conditioning […]

  Ductless HVAC systems are proven to be a great solution, whether it’s staying cool during scorching summer days or staying warm during frosty winters. Duct and ductless systems play a big role in keeping us comfortable in our homes and businesses. Duct AC systems are bulky and the installation is labor intensive. Duct AC […]

Is Your Toilet Phantom Flushing? Do you ever lie in bed at night and hear the sound of running water coming from your bathroom? Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? You can rest assured that you have a leak somewhere. Once you recognize there is a problem, you will need to set […]

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