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Ask Our Littleton Heating Technicians: Home Boiler and Furnace Preventative Maintenance

Ask Our Littleton Heating Technicians: Home Boiler and Furnace Preventative Maintenance

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You should maintain your boiler and/or furnace system for the safety of your home and the people in it. Your gas system should be cleaned every 2 years but checked each boileryear and your oil systems should be cleaned yearly. Boilers and furnaces have a variety of safety features designed to prevent accidents and keep them functioning at optimal efficiency.

Safety valves and controls: Depending on the age and type of heating system in your home, there could be any combination of these safety components: thermostat, spill switch, roll out switch, co alarm, hi limit control, hi limit control with manual reset, pressuretrol, low water cut-off, sight glass, pressure relief, vent stack switch, firematic, flow switch, thermocouple, cad cell (or electric eye), fresh air intake fan, and a co alarm.

After electricity became main stream, the common steam boiler and gravity hot water system started to fade out. Circulators enabled the movement of hot water through smaller diameter pipes and the progression of the heating system and the desire to create a combination of safety, efficiency and comfort has not stopped.

Forced hot air had a similar progression. Today your furnace can gear down to a low setting when desired which uses less fuel and electricity. Homeowners are also able to adjust the humidity in their home and choose the desired air quality whether you have duct work or not. This has been a blessing to those who have allergies, asthma or other respiratory disorders. Call Papalia if you would like a quote so you can have these features too.

Papalia has created a low cost yearly Preventative Maintenance Plan (PM Plan) for all existing customers to ensure safety and proper operation of all aspects of their heating (and cooling) systems. No matter what type of heating system is in your home it should be inspected yearly to ensure safety and efficiency.

Call Papalia and sign up for an annual PM Plan and take advantage of the free Gold Club Membership that has additional savings and offers.

By Dan Burrows

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